The ShortCourse programs are designed to answer the questions we get every day about "how'dja do that?"  In the same way you know a lot about what you do every day, and could explain the basics to someone, we know a lot about music and music making. So we thought, what the heck, why not get a few curious souls together and answer some of those questions. Have you ever been stopped in some project because you just did not know "how to do that?" Something simple. Or, how come every time I do "that," it sounds awful, but when they do it, it sounds great? The answer is simple. They know something you don't. So why not find out how they did it?

     Each ShortCourse lasts approximately two and a half hours, and will have three to six participants. The subject matter will be very specific and covered in a "hands on" fashion. When the course completes you will know exactly "how they did that." Bring your own experience, and add to the mix. There is hardly ever a single solution to any given problem, and the group format allows everyone to contribute. Each ShortCourse is given with a minimum enrollment number (varies by subject), and typically costs $20 per participant (varies by subject).

Currently Offered ShortCourses in "How'd You Do That?"

Ten Different Way to Mic the Kick Drum (even if you don't have a mic)

Using Compressors And Gates

Ten Different Capos And How You Can Use Them

Guitar Tablature For Merely Curious

Get Rid of Feedback And Make Everyone Happy

Slide Guitar For The Regular Player

What's With the Finger Picking, I Thought It Was Illegal



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